Why move to LED bulbs, The smart, Energy saving, Long lasting option.

LED bulbs are turning up everywhere, there in are homes, in modern cars and even in are smart phones.

led ceiling lights

In your home simple replace your existing bulbs with a compatible LED bulb and in most cases that is it, (in some cases you will need to replace the lights power unit which is very simple)

LED bulbs can have a Dimmable option

Bulbs can be used in a conventional manner by using your normal room light switch


Why move to LED bulbs.

Safer – Because almost zero heat is produced there is no chance of a fire and they are so save moneyenergy efficient there is no unnecessary electrical load on house hold wiring.

Save money – LED bulbs use very little energy, For example “a single 40 watt bulb used for 10 hours a day replaced with a LED bulb would save you $35.15 (£26.43) each year!

last longer – LED bulbs should last 50,000 hours, so if used for 12 hours a day, it would last more then 11 years

Instant light – Unlike old fashion energy saving bulbs LED bulbs reach full power instantly and don’t flicker


Incandescent bulb to LED bulb conversion chart :-


“So a conventional bulb with a wattage of 40 would need to replaced with a LED bulb with a wattage of 5-8 watts.

What other are saying about LED bulbs

“I have a lot of ceiling down lighting in my home and was starting to worry about the safety of having such a lot of very hot running bulbs in with my insulation and was advised to switch to LED bulbs as there a direct replacement and run at such a lower temperature, they where super easy to fit and because I have a smart meter installed I can tell you that the saving from using a normal bulb is really noticeable .”



“There reason I went for LED bulbs is I get feed up of replacing bulbs that have blown as my lights are all really high and I need to get a ladder to replace them and I hate doing this,, with LED bulbs they last much much longer so i do not really have to worry to much about an LED bulb I have installed for a long time yet   .”



Final verdict on LED replacement bulbs?

If your looking for a user friendly, robust, energy efficient bulb for your home this is the product for you its a no brainer.

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